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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Some older 20mm gaming pics

This is one of the first games I played when we were still using 20mm. 
It was a North African battle.
For the full battle report see the featured pages 20mm battle report pdf
 All terrain is scratch built and figures were a combination of Airfix and Revel.
The station was modelled on the El Alamein station
The table was constructed of modelled tiles with added features
such as the oasis and the house for added detail
The water in the oasis was made from layers of varnish.
 The palm trees were made from pipe cleaners and thin painted cardboard leaves.
The reeds are pine needles coated with resin
Three Panzer II's move into firing position
German Afrika Korps section taking cover behind a low wall
British 8th Army section finding cover to return fire
Bren Gunner taking up position
British light Vickers tanks outflanked by two Mark III's
German advance through the Oasis
The nice thing with the 20mm figures was the detail and the Airfix and Revel desert figures were really lovely figures to work with. The downside was the space to play a big battle and 15mm gives more options from a space point of view,


Monday, 3 May 2021

Some 28mm Japanese mortar and HMG teams

 These are 28mm Japanese assembled and painted by my mate Eugene in Singapore,
they are really stunning.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Finally got a game going

 A mate and I finally managed to get a small 40K skirmish battle going. Every time we learn the rules so much time passes, the rules update and we forget what we decided the last time. Hopefully we can change that going forward.

The approaching Ork horde with supporting Killa Kan

The Ultramarine Patrol consisting of a tactical squad led by a sergeant and supported by a scout section and a Dreadnought 

The horde charges

The tactical squad splits up with half the squad holding the center objective

The battle for the objective in full force

The Killa Kan and the Dreadnought engage

In the ensuing clash they sustain three hits apiece

The command squad holding the Orks at bay

The Scouts fall back to a suitable position and pick the Orks off from distance using the snipers and Missile launcher on the left flank

The other half of the tactical squad form the right pincer and engage from that flank

Flanking on the right gives the Ultramarines a nice firing position on the horde

Ultimately the Ultramarine center got overrun and the Command team got wiped out, giving what was left of the horde the objective to take. Depending on time the spacemarines would probably re-taken the objective especially as the Dreadnought was gaining the upper hand on the Killa Kan.. In this skirmish the Orks had the objective so I was happy to give them the battle especially since my command team was also wiped out.