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Friday, 9 November 2018

The Line

Many of us had Grandfathers that fought in WWII, some of us served during difficult times, This is for all who wore a uniform and for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. Never forget.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."
Taken from: For the Fallen - Laurence Binyon (1869-1943)

Monday, 5 November 2018

Some Afrika Korps from Singapore

These are pics from a mate of mine in Singapore, I really need to get going and start painting figures now. When we originally startted in 20mm before converting to 15mm we did the desert war and  it will be nice to get back there.

I am looking forward to seeing some battle pics with these on the table. They look really good.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Hobbies fair 2014 - FOW 15mm

Some pictures of the table that was set up at the hobbies fair in August 2014. We had a lot of interest from the crowds which was really nice, having an appealing and scenic table definitely helped to attract a lot of attention, All the terrain is scratch built.

Game 1
 The town

 View showing the the British 11th Armoured advancing on the town from the other side of the river.
 Mathew planning his next move, his Germans are holding the town

 German Infantry holding one of the objectives with armoured suport

German armoured thrust out of the town 

 British Infantry hiding in the woods

 Shermans an M10's approach the second objective

German casualties

 View of the carnage

Game 2 with a variation of the terrain.

 View from the other direction

 The town. Two objectives are visible, the first is the bridge and the second, the crossroads.

 View over the table

 The crossroads, showing one of the objectives.

The Tigers barrel, hull-down, waiting for the enemy.

 one of the Tigers getting into position.

 The Shermans and M10 hunting the Tiger, taking up position on the other side of the forest

 Stugs in the tree-line

 Bogged-down Shermans by the Mill

 M10's taking up position in the hedge rows to cover the infantry advance

 Infantry with a lone Sherman advancing on the Stugs. One Stug brews-up with a well placed shot.

 Panzer iv's take out a Stuart recce tank, the other two retreat as fast as possible.

 Tigers pull back off the hill

Panzers IV's keeping the objective and town clear of the British attack.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

War in the desert

Normally I dont post the older games, instead just create a page with a link on the side menu. This one is for Eugene to enjoy. This was a 20mm Rapid-Fire game that we played at the Hobbies fair  on the 04 of August 2012. I thought I would post this for Eugene as he is busy working on his 15mm Africa Korp and Desert rats. We had both built substantial 20mm desert armies just before we decided to convert to 15mm, most of these figures were sold off to pay for the 15mm figures and vehicles. However we went into mid war Europe and haven't revisited north Africa until now. I have fallen behind a bit and am yet to start purchasing and preparing for North Africa. 

Some Mattilda II's with dazzle camo and a Crusader taking on some Panzer III's
 Battle at the station

Eugenes South African artillery 
 A different view of my British tanks engaging the German forces

 The oasis

  I can't remember who won the battle, I know my Crusaders were wiped out without 
causing any damage, which was sad as they looked so good on the field
German infantry advancing 
 British Artillary HQ
Germans taking the station