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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

My Mates 28mm Ghurka's

This is a sample of some 28mm figures that Eugene has painted and based, I think they are really looking great! Please enjoy

Some lovely jungle type foliage 

Thursday, 27 February 2020

No man's land - Matthew vs Fauzi 28mm Bolt Action

Matthew's Germans on the right of the picture, taking on Fauzi's Russians (left)
German Sdkfz 234 (Puma) in winter colours
The mission is 'No man's land'. Mathews opponent chose ends,
so Matthew worked to defend this factory  with four squads
of infantry, a mortar, MMG, a Marder and Puma.
The Soviet sniper opened the game with a deadly shot that took out
Matthew's observer. The mortar did fire a few shells later in the
game once able to spot for themselves.
The leading German infantry soon took up positions in the factory.
A squad moves in to gain firing arcs at the advancing Soviets.
 The German Commanding Officer, a first lieutenant, commanded
from the factories loading zone. His second Lieutenant
 was in reserve with 50% of the troops.
 Reserves make their way through the woods to cover the flanks of the squads holding the factory.
 The Marder became the hero of the battle, successfully knocking out both Soviet T34's.
 BANG! Target destroyed.
 And again!
 Burning Soviet armour.
 Soviet engineers manage to clear one of the German squads from
the factory with a devastating blast from a flame thrower.
 However, it was too little too late, as the Matthew took out  the Soviet BA10 armored car,
leaving the Soviet infantry with no real support and half their number destroyed.
A GERMAN VICTORY! Matthew is ecstatic!

Monday, 6 January 2020

Battle in Northern France, Late War

The Battlefield
This is the first Flames of War game I have had for quiet some time,
since my mate left for Singapore, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The British Deployment started from the bottom of the Table, their objective:
The Bridgehead and the road in front of the town.
The German Deployment area below. The road was the end of the German deployment, including part of the hill.
The German forces positioned Nebelwerfers along the grave yard and two Tigers in front of the church to control
the central advance. Infantry were dug in along the road in front of the bridge and to the right of the bridge .

 The Germans held a Pak platoon in ambush, unfortunately it was used too late to do any meaningful damage.

 The German reserves consisted of a Tiger, a Stug III platoon, another Nebelwerfer Battery, a further
infantry platoon and two quad self propelled anti aircraft guns.

The British attack
The British advance consisted of massed Shermans with M10's and motorized infantry supported
by two battery's of Sextons. Initial deployment below.
  German Nebelwerfers strike first, one Sexton brewed up!
 M10's and Shermans lined up in front of the woods on the left of the bridge.

 Infantry advances across the river using the hill as a shield.
 Shermans and M10's move through the forest and start firing ion the Germans across the river.
 Another Sherman platoon attempts a bridgehead.
 Panzerschrecks and Panzerfausts attempt to stop the bridgehead.
Bridgehead successfully held up, Shermans fall back to regroup.
 Antiaircraft guns finally deal with that pesky spotter plane.
 The Tigers while being useful to keep the British from getting carried away, were held in check by the Sextons
and then destroyed by the M10's and Sherman Achilles.
 British Infantry remount and attempt a flanking move on their right flank.
The reserve Tiger strikes for one of its few successes of the battle.
 The British advances continues as most tanks cross the river without bogging and a
second thrust across the bridge is attempted.
 The last remaining Tiger engaging the motorized Infantry and being kept out of the main battle.
 Stug Reserve Platoon holding the bridgehead.
The Stugs could only hold on for so long.
 The Pak ambush fighting a desperate last stand before crumbling.
The Battle ended with the British advance grinding the Germans into submission, I was surprised the Germans
held on for so long (eight rounds) By the start of the ninth round the Germans were about to be over run
and the town would have been taken. Victory for  the British.